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Your definitive global source for high strength, corrosion resistant, specialty and custom fastening solutions.

Glaser & Associates, Inc. appreciates a top-of-the-mind recall value among leaders from the oil refinery, utility and contracting industries. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as the all thread rod specialists. We standardize our products to industry specific material specifications and dimensions. We offer corrosion resistant, high strength, high pressure and extreme temperature resistant bolting materials.

A commitment towards this industry has been running in our family for three generations. As much as we at Glaser & Associates, Inc. rely our traditional familial business values, we believe in rapidly keeping up with and responding to latest market trends. This is precisely what sets us apart from our competitors.

Over the years, we have earned affiliations with prestigious industry associations such as The Pacific West Fastener Association and The Western States Petroleum Association.

Our commitment to you does not end at offering a comprehensive line of products including anchor bolts, u-bolts, cap screws, hex nuts, B7 studs / threaded rod, adhesives and cable management. If there isn't a premanufactured solution to your project, please submit a custom item request and we will gladly develop your chosen material into the fastener you need. We also offer 24/7 emergency service and direct shipping services through our many authorized distribution centers. This has allowed us to service customers located across the United States of America, Canada and several other countries around the world. We look forward to forging new bonds and strengthening our existing ones through our service and best business practices.


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