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Meeting Your Fastening Solution Needs for Over 5 Decades

Glaser and Associates, Inc. have been the real pioneers at the onset and innovation of the industrial fastening industry. Founded by William Glaser Jr. in 1964, our company has been a family-owned and managed business continually throughout the years. Steve stepped in and joined the business in 1970, Josh was introduced in 1998, and Nick was inducted to the business in 2003. We still remain a family business.

Throughout the years, Glaser has frequently reviewed the intricate needs of the fastener industry and took up the call to meet and exceed those demands, which is why Glaser is at the top of the list for fastener solutions. As a family unit, all of our members changed the current market momentum by striving for absolute and specific solutions that would give customers access to the exacting products they required.

Taking a multitude of industries into account, Glaser has considered all aspects, including the numerous applications utilized by different industries, and proceeded to scale up all products, as well as to additionally provide services that incorporated customized manufacturing solutions in a wide array of specifications (ASTM, SAE, and specific metals). Glaser’s customizable solution has proven throughout the years that our ability and executed excellence is unsurpassed by being able to provide exactly what our customer needs.

Although Glaser’s exceptional service is extended to the industries such as oil refineries, utility companies and contractors of the Greater Bay area, our global presence gives all organizations worldwide access to our service of industrial fasteners, both on a general and emergency basis.

As a proud family business, Glaser also extends their expertise base to include other family businesses that can incorporate more benefits and a strategic edge to further our customer’s advantage. Armed with partnerships with companies such as Simpson Strong-Tie, HILTI, AFIXX Alliance, Belleville International, TurnaSure, Lindapter and TorpedoCSIS, we provide our customers with the best of the best, while being cost-effective simultaneously, so that our customers benefit twofold.

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