For more than fifty years, the Lehman name has provided customers with reliable, convenient, and high quality service. Dedicated to providing quality products directly to distributors, Pacific Warehouse Sales was established in 1980 and built a foundation on customer service and high caliber products.

    Afixx Alliance was introduced as a way to offer distributors personalized customer service relations and convenient business transactions. Afixx has allowed for Pacific Warehouse Sales to distribute their line of fasteners to a broad range of consumers in a more streamlined and user-friendly way.

    At Afixx, customers are treated with care; providing the experience of a tight-knit family company with that of an advanced business model, Afixx offers a singular experience for distributors. Customers are encouraged to ask questions and raise concerns, and to engage in a comfortable dialogue.  As such, care, convenience and quality results are guaranteed when working with the Afixx business model.

    Afixx’s exemplary product line has been providing consumers with durable, long-lasting materials for years. Their quality rivets, river nuts, backup washers, and cable ties have branded them a standout producer of industrial materials.

    Glaser is a proud supplier of the Afixx product line, including their exceptional rivets, cable ties and industrial tools. As partners, Glaser and Afixx assimilate their software systems in order to expand upon and upgrade their ability to communicate with customers. Additionally, the partnership allows for  expedited business and benefits offered to clients. Glaser is proud to provide customers with high quality products and services to satisfy the needs of your business. Please contact Glaser & Associates today to find out how their partnership with Afixx Alliance can benefit your next project.

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