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    Founded with the utmost care and dedication placed on delivering high caliber products and customer service, Belleville International is a renowned leader within the spring industry. Family-run and independently owned, Belleville is committed to providing customers with quality products and prompt, convenient delivery.

    Making use of only the newest and most advanced technology on the market, Belleville International takes pride in being a top-tier manufacturer of disc springs and spring washers. Belleville not only ensures that products are made with the most exemplary materials and parts, but they are also dedicated to providing customers with the products they want by the deadlines they need. Some companies can promise either good products or fast delivery – Belleville takes pride in consistently accomplishing both.

    Belleville International administers a variety of high caliber spring steels to create both production runs and prototypes for their wide range customers. Just a few of these quality spring steels include: nickel and titanium alloys, carbon, and specialty stainless.

    Belleville’s expertise isn’t limited to disc springs and spring washers, another specialty material is their flange bolt, created to allow for additional holding power when a flat washer is unavailable. They also offer washers, which are manufactured from with both stainless and carbon steel, ensuring high quality and efficient performance. Belleville washers hold the capacity to be stacked together, for compact and convenient use.

    Glaser & Associates, Inc. have been a leader within the fastener industry for years. Their high quality and in-depth services include: threading, cutting, bending, turning, drilling, milling and wielding. Glaser is a proud supplier of the Belleville product line, including their first-rate bolting, fasteners, and washers. 

    Glaser & Associates has partnered with Belleville to equip customers with their high quality disc springs (or disc washers), convenient for vast range of applications in which high spring force and little to no movement is mandatory.

    Glaser is dedicated to providing customers with only the highest quality materials, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and wear. To find out how Glaser and Belleville’s partnership can benefit your next project, please contact us today.

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