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With many of the world’s largest oil and gas producers reporting 2Q earnings losses spurred by low market prices, the need to limit costly, extended plant turnarounds has become all the more crucial. Lindapter offers a multitude of cost-effective solutions in the face of declining oil and gas profits with a smart product line that includes the innovative Hollo-Bolt® and Girder Clamp systems.


Lindapter Oil and Gas Overview

Safely securing steel for over 80 years, Lindapter’s fully-adjustable products are used in onshore and offshore oil operations around the world, in new builds as well as refurbishment projects. Work is done exclusively by hand tools and without the need for on-site welding or drilling, reducing installation time and limiting the risk of worker injury. By eliminating the need for hazardous hot work, projects can be carried out without service interruptions due to plant shutdowns. Lindapter products have a wide scope of onshore and offshore applications, including refineries, offshore platforms, power, storage tanks, petrochemicals, loading jetties, LNG, and FPSO.

Oil and Gas Jobs Supported by Lindapter

Every task inherent to a new build or refurbishment can be completed with Lindapter products. For example, Lindapter support assemblies allow piping to be simply clamped onto structural or secondary steel sections for a fast, safe installation without any drilling or welding. Lindapter also offers assemblies for electrical and instrumentation needs, like supporting cable trays, cable ladders, and electrical equipment from primary or secondary beams. Most notable, however, are Lindapter’s steel and hollow section connection solutions. With Lindapter’s Girder Clamp systems, steel sections are clamped together without the need for hot work, forming a high-strength connection in a fraction of the time and cost associated with drilling and welding projects. Finally, Lindapter’s ICC & LARR seismically approved Hollo-Bolts “blind bolts” are the perfect connectors for use on steel structures and HSS (hollow structural steel) where access is limited to one side.

Lindapter Oil and Gas Success Stories

The safety and cost-saving benefits of Lindapter products in the oil and gas sector are no better illustrated than by Lindapter’s work on two key projects. When ExxonMobil called upon Lindapter to install a new pipeline through one of its onshore refineries, Lindapter turned to its trusted Typer LR steel clamps to get the job done. The adjustable clamps allowed for several thousand feet of piping to be laid without hot work, eliminating the fire hazards of traditional welding and drilling, and enabling the facility to remain fully operational during the entirety of the project. Lindapter’s expertise has also been proven in offshore work, most effectively in its renovations to a hurricane-damaged oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. New piping runs were installed on the side of the platform and attached to the existing steel sections using Lindapter’s AF High Friction Clamp, allowing for a strong yet flexible connection with minimal service disruption and no drilling and welding.

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