Oct 23, 2018 10:38:00 AM

As a distributor and manufacturer of industrial fastening solutions, we have a lot of crossover with different types of manufacturing and construction businesses in a host of different industries.  With 50 years in fastening, we’ve seen a wide array of jobs and projects across these various industries.  Despite this diversity, one thing that we’ve seen in every field is this: emergencies.  Call it Murphy’s Law, or just another day on the job - something always goes wrong; someone orders the wrong part, someone misplaces the parts, someone else forgot to order the parts at all, and on, ad infinitum.  Maybe the part you need from your typical contracted supplier is on backorder, or the turn-around needs to be faster than they can provide, or they don’t carry it at all – there are a number of things that can make putting together all the pieces of the job a difficult task. 

At Glaser, we’ve seen this time and again, and that’s why we’ve focused on becoming the best secondary supplier we can be.  We’re available 24 hours a day, for those rush orders and quick turn-around times.  We’re not bound to one product line, and can source a broad spectrum of products from a wide array of OEM’s.  We can offer direct shipping via our multiple distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada.  We have custom capabilities for those impossible-to-find fasteners.  Additionally, coming soon, Glaser will be able to source not just fasteners, but a host of other related products for the convenience of our customers – we’ll be posting more information here as those options become available, so be sure to check back, and visit our website for more information. 

Supply chain emergencies are a nearly unavoidable thing; the trick is to be prepared, and have a solid plan of action for when things don’t turn out as expected.  With our experience and commitment to great general and emergency service, we’re confident we can be that for all your fastening related needs. 

Get in touch today, or tonight, or tomorrow… you get the picture.

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