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TorpedoCSIS is a patented furniture and panel interlocking connecting system that simplifies design, assembly and production of qualified products. Essentially, these connectors allow those in the woodworking and furniture industries to do a lot more with a lot less. It enables shafting and clamping of product in one easy step and the speed and ease of use of these connectors doesn't sacrifice strength or end product quality.

Invented by Alosman Ajanovic (Australia), TorpedoCSIS connectors are designed to lower manufacturing costs, increase speed of assembly, increase design flexibility, simplify production and lead to better overall furniture products, while speeding time to market.

The key element to Torpedo's connector is its unique locking feature, which interlocks the cam and dowel. This not only ensures a strong bond, but it also eliminates any loosening at the joint during service or in transit. In many applications, there's no gluing, no clamping and no drying time, which leads to increased efficiency and a reduction in downtime. 

Glaser is proud to hold the exclusive North American distribution agreement for the U.S. patented on Torpedo CSIS connectors. Dated March 31, 2015, the U.S. Patent 8,992,114 B2 specifically, includes a connector assembly for fastening two members, which include an elongate fastener with a transverse aperture, where the transverse aperture has a countersunk surface and a screw threaded nipple that can be positioned in the transverse aperture.

According to the official patent document, this means that when the nipple is placed into the transverse aperture, it moves down the countersunk surface, forcing the fastener to also move and bring the two fastened members closer together. The patent document also states that the connector assembly may also include a housing to assist with the positioning of the nipple. The assembly as a whole has few moving parts and provides a snug and aesthetic finish. 

The patented interlocking system actually has the single largest number of application than any other connector. In addition to the U.S. Patent, TorpedoCSIS systems are patented or pending under the following application numbers: PCT/AU2009/000107, EP20090705148, AU2013200569, AU2009208393, CA2712288, CN200980104023.4, NZ587036, VN1-2011-00516; in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russian Federation, South Africa, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Unique Advantage

Glaser  & Associates, Inc. is the only supplier and distributor of TorpedoCSIS products in the North America, a move that restricts competitors from supplying the same product, gives the product credibility and allows customers to easily contact Glaser to place orders or acquire new information about the TorpedoCSIS connectors. Glaser is your one-stop shop not only for Torpedo  products in the United States and Canada, but the company's qualified associates are also able to provide you with detailed information on the product and examples and further information on how it can further streamline your next application, while speeding time to market in the process.

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