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For the past 80 years, Lindapter has been a pioneer in the steel manufacturing industry. This small family business founded in 1934 exploded into a global organization with international recognition due to their dedication to providing fast, cost-effective alternatives to drilling and welding. Today, Lindapter provides solutions for supporting HVAC equipment, pipe work, fire protection/sprinkler systems, suspended ceilings and electrical equipment from structural or secondary beams.

And today, we’re focusing on one product in particular — pipe supports.

These easy-to-install pipe supports are the perfect solution for building suspension. They’re used for supporting HVAC equipment, pipe work, fire protection and sprinkler systems. They are also easily adjustable to allow for fast, precise alignment of building services.

The best part? These pipe supports require no welding. Thus, no hot work permits and saving big money!

A recent, real-life application of these pipe supports can be seen on the Manhattan Bridge in New York City. This bridge uses Type F3 supports to secure 1500’ of pipework carrying an internet cable along the bridge. What made this an even easier choice was the simplicity of installation. Using simple hand tools avoided drilling and welding in the field which meant that there was no need for site closures or permits.

And there are an array of pipe supports to choose from.

One type of pipe support is the Type FLS. This versatile flange clamp is supplied with a swivel unit and a high tensile setscrew for inclined applications, allowing for a secure grip on both parallel and tapered flanges. And it’s easy installation makes for simple and quick set-up.

Another type is the Type FL. These approved flange clamps are used for parallel or tapered flange beams. They’re made with malleable iron and are zinc plated for toughness and security. This is another easy-to-install pipe support.

The Type LC pipe support is a flange clamp with tapped holes for threaded rod or cable clips. It’s high tensile cup point setscrew is ideal for parallel or tapered flanges. Installation is similar to the Type FL. 

The Type SW is a swivel unit for applications on inclined beans. It’s complete with a M10 (3/8” x 3 9/16”) Grade 5 set screw and nut. It can be used with Type FL pipe supports. 

The Type F3 pipe support is an FM approved, high-strength flange clamp with a large clamping range. This support is for parallel flanges only and can be supplied with or without a bolt.

The Type HW pip support is perfect for vertical suspension on angled surfaces of up to 10 degree swing.

The Type TC Toggle Clamp is designed for service suspension from pre-cast hollow core slabs. It is also designed for HSS steel sheeting and purlins.

Quick and easy installation make any of these pipe supports a necessity for your next project, big or small. The toughest part will be deciding which support is the right choice for your project, but, that’s what we’re here for! Get your free copy of Lindapter's Pipe Support guide by clicking here or the button below:

Download Lindapter's  Pipe Supports GuideLindapter is the safer, more cost-effective solution to all your design and manufacturing needs. To learn more about our products, visit our website or contact us with questions. If you don’t see you solution, reach out for a free design consultation today.

Download the Lindapter Pipe Supports guide here.


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