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Glaser & Associates has been a family-owned business for more than 50 years, manufacturing and distributing advanced fastening solutions for a variety of worldwide industrial partners from contractors to utility companies to oil refineries. Our high- and low-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosion-resistant bolting materials meet numerous specifications, including ASTM International’s. Here’s just a partial breakdown:

ASTM A307 (Grades A & B)

Carbon steel studs and bolts with diameters of ¼ inch to 4 inches fall under the ASTM A307 specification, available in two grades. Grade A contains threaded rods and headed and bent bolts, while Grade B is comprised of heavy hex bolts and studs that are typically utilized for flanged joints in piping systems with cast iron flanges. Tensile strength varies between Grade A and Grade B, with a minimum tensile strength of 60 ksi in the case of the former and 60 to 100 ksi in the latter.

ASTM A563 (Grades A, C & DH)

ASTM A563 is inclusive of finished and heavy hex nuts, which Glaser carries in three different grades. Grade A nuts have a minimum proof load strength of 90,000 PSI, and are available in sizes up to 1 inch if composed of cold-formed low carbon steel or in sizes over 1 inch if made of  hot-formed 1045 steel. Grade A heavy nuts boast a slightly higher minimum proof load strength of 100,000 PSI, while Grade C and Grade DH heavy nuts are even stronger at 144,000 PSI and 175,000 PSI, respectively.

ASTM F1554 (Grades 36, 55 & 105)

Intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations, ASTM F1554 divides anchor bolts into grades based on their minimum yield strength, which differs according to their material. Low carbon anchors fall under Grade 36 while high-strength, low-alloy anchors occupy Grade 55; and high-strength, heat-treated alloy anchors are Grade 105. Glaser carries three styles of these bolts: headed bolts, straight rods, and bent anchor bolts.

ASTM A193-A194 (All Grades)

Most often leveraged in high-temperature or high-pressure applications such as valves, pressure vessels, and flanges in the chemical and petroleum industries, ASTM A193 comprises alloy and stainless steel bolting materials, while ASTM A194 covers their corresponding nuts. These products are available in several grades that satisfy different project requirements pertaining to temperature, mechanical properties, and service conditions. Some of the most commonly used grades such as B7, B16, B8, and B8M are available through Glaser & Associates.


Meant for structural applications, ASTM A490 bolts are a stronger version of ASTM A325 hex bolts, and have shorter threaded lengths in order to avoid interference with the joint. These bolts are available in two grades -- Type 1 and Type 3 (Weathering Steel), Type 2 having been withdrawn in 2002. All ASTM A490 bolts are available in both imperial and Metric sizes.

No matter the specific needs of your project, Glaser & Associates have you covered -- even if you require a completely custom solution. Download our Material Selection Guide or submit an RFQ today.

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