Feb 10, 2016 2:01:20 PM

Glaser and Associates is proud to be featured in a recent Engineering.com article showcasing a new partner product, TorpedoCSIS (Countersunk Sliding Interlocking System) connectors. Exclusively distributed by Glaser, these connectors provide a more durable fastening solution than typical flat-pack furniture connector systems from IKEA and other “build-your-own” furniture manufacturers.

The newly established partnership between Glaser and Torpedo will help to expand Glaser’s reach in the growing and increasingly innovative U.S. furniture industry. With a 6% increase in performance over the past year, the U.S. furniture industry achieved $8.94 billion in sales for December 2015.

Flat-pack furniture boasts some particularly unique statistics; in a recent CivicScience consumer research survey of 7,000 adults, 6% of those surveyed reported having arguments while shopping at IKEA, and 17% reported arguments breaking out during the assembly of the furniture. An explanation for the spike in frustration could be that flat-pack fittings and fasteners, designed to minimize the package’s weight and size, are low-quality, ineffective, and short-lived.

“My son has an IKEA bunk bed, and a seven-year-old is like a monkey; I am constantly tightening things, or adding screws, to keep that thing from falling apart,” said Josh Glaser, Vice President of Glaser and Associates, identifying an opportunity for flat-pack fastener improvement.

TorpedoCSIS, a privately owned Australian company, has engineered three series of furniture connectors to solve this problem: The H series for honeycomb panels, the D series for solid wood, and the ST series to connect Newel Posts, floors, and handrails.

All of the connectors, each made from standard zinc-plated carbon steel, function using the same simple patented one-step shaft and clamp design involving an interlocking shaft bolt, countersunk hole, and grub screw. The dual countersunk areas offer high accuracy screw tightening without any damage to the furniture or connectors during assembly, disassembly, or reassembly.

After gaining interest from architecture and construction industry leaders, TorpedoCSIS has developed its connector capabilities to scale and customize its systems for large-scale applications as well.

“If someone wants to use our concept in their design, we are willing to work with them on a solution,” said Glaser.

To learn more about Glaser and Associates’ new partner product TorpedoCSIS, we invite you to read the full Engineering.com article and download our eBook, “Torpedo vs. IKEA” today.


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