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Lindapter has trail blazed fast, effective steel connections with products like the revolutionary Girder Clamp and Hollo-Bolt. Carrying on this legacy of quality and innovation is Grate-Fast, a simple solution for installing maintenance walkways.

What Is Grate-Fast?

Grate-Fast is a connector designed specifically for securing rectangular open bar grating walkways to supporting steelwork. It consists of a top hat bracket, screw, and cast body, and is installed in three simple steps: First, position Grate-Fast between grating bars with its nose pointing toward the steel. Next, slide Grate-Fast into place until its nose fits under the beam flange. Lastly, tighten the screw until it locks. Grate-Fast is manufactured in two specifications: LGF031 with stainless steel top hat bracket for GRP grating, and LGF037 with hot dip galvanized top hat bracket for use with 1-3/16" width floor grating bars.

Grate-Fast Product Benefits

As with all Lindapter products, Grate-Fast does not require welding or drilling, greatly cutting down on labor time, costs, and safety hazards. It can be easily installed by a single person from above using standard hand tools, and is compatible with most common grating types. Grate-Fast is also vibration and shock resistant, carrying Lloyd’s Register Type Approval in these categories.

Grate-Fast Case Studies

Grate-Fast was used in the construction of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, where it allowed for open bar grating platforms to be secured to the structure. These platforms provided access to accent lighting, and were put into place by a single worker using hand tools. The product was also instrumental in the installation of open grating that served as a maintenance walkway along 1.5 miles of light rail track at Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson Airport.

Lindapter Approvals

Lindapter products have earned a wealth of independent approvals and multinational accreditations, including ICC-ES full seismic approval for Hollo-Bolt and a CE mark denoting rigorous third-party performance testing.

To learn more about Lindapter’s Grate-Fast, download our product review sheet here.

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