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lindapter-lifting-points-cover.pngThe brainchild of engineer Henry Lindsay, Lindapter has been innovating the design and manufacture of solid steel connectors since 1934. These revolutionary products don’t require welding or drilling, but instead, clamp beams together to form solid yet adjustable connections using only hand tools. But that’s just the beginning of Lindapter’s offerings. The company has recently released a new product guide detailing the features and capabilities of its proven Lifting Points.

About Lindapter Lifting Points

Lifting Points are versatile connectors that support the lifting and rigging of both static and dynamic loads with a variety of use cases, from lifting drilling risers onto offshore oil platforms to suspending overhead audio-visual equipment in theaters to securing fall protection systems for maintenance work. One particularly impressive application involved suspending a 1,500-pound Enstrom F28A Helicopter at the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Just one Lifting Point, utilizing an eye bolt, was needed to secure the load.

Types of Lindapter Lifting Points

There are two distinct types of Lindapter Lifting Points: Type ALP and Type LP. Both are installed without the need for hot work, are easily aligned and repositioned, and are suited for parallel and tapered flanges not exceeding 10 degrees.

Type ALP

Suitable for jobs up to 6,600 pounds and within an 18-degree lift angle range, the Type ALP Lifting Point adjusts to accommodate flange thickness and beam width. It consists of a location plate, Type AAF clamps, countersunk bolts, and a load ring capable of 90-degree rotation in order to account for the orientation of the lift.

Type LP

Lindapter’s Type LP Lifting Points can handle a wide range of heavy lift loads. They come in three varieties: LP4, LP6, and custom configurations. LP4 Lifting Points can handle up to 10,000 pounds and utilize four Type AF or AAF Clamps, while LP6 Lifting Points are suited for loads up to 22,500 pounds and make use of six Type AF or AAF Clamps. Custom configurations, like those used to support fall protection systems, can withstand up to 45,000 pounds. Either a load ring or eye bolt can be connected to all Type LP Lifting Points.

Why Choose Lindapter?

Lindapter products are safer and more cost efficient than traditional steel connections, and feature 100% customizable options. Don’t see your solution? Contact us today for a free design consultation.

Want to learn even more about Lindapter's lifting points?

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