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Just last month, Glaser and Associates’ Josh Glaser appeared on Fully Threaded Radio, a radio talk show described as the “Voice of the FCH Sourcing Network.” Speaking with the show’s hosts, Brian and Eric, Josh took some time to detail the newest product offerings from Glaser and Associates. 


While on the show, Josh spoke about Glaser’s “newfangled” fastener offering, a blind bolt from UK-based company Lindapter. The blind bolt is a structural headed bolt that provides a steel-to-steel connection suitable for a wide range of applications.

Lindapter’s blind bolt can be applied across the board in heavy industry and steel construction. It is also optimal for use within stadium construction, signage, and the infrastructure of systems such as overpasses, highways, and bridges. As an example, Glaser’s equipment is renowned for its use in maintaining the Golden Gate Bridge.

The blind bolt is an efficient piece used for high-clamping force and structural connection. Its steel-to-steel connection is ideal for use in places with high traffic flow. Because of the flexibility it offers, steel-to-steel connection makes it possible to get work done while also allowing for traffic to run undisrupted. For instances in which you cannot obtain a welding permit or feasibly weld on bridges or overpasses, the blind bolt’s steel-to-steel connection provides an exemplary construction solution.

Glaser and Associates is one of six US distributors of the blind bolt. The company also has exclusive rights to sell blind bolts in California, facilitated with two distribution locations in the state. Other states in which Glaser is presently distributing their blind bolt include Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, and Alaska.

While on the show, Josh also discussed another new and exemplary product from Glaser and Associates partner Torpedo CSIS – the interlocking connector. With its reusable, patented design, the interlocking connector provides unparalleled assembly and disassembly assistance on concrete, metal, and wood materials. With the addition of blind bolt fasteners and interlocking connectors to its catalog, Glaser and Associates is better prepared than ever to equip consumers with the highest quality fasteners available. 

Lindapter is a UK-based manufacturer that has been serving the manufacturing industry for nearly eighty years. They are the original designers of the girder clamp and provide international service to a wide range of markets. The blind bolt is their flagship product.

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