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For over 80 years, Lindapter has been designing and manufacturing innovative steel connectors that maximize value while minimizing cost, project time, and worker risk. Its pioneering products don’t require traditional welding or drilling, and can be fully installed and adjusted using only hand tools. Most acclaimed among them is the revolutionary Hollo-Bolt, for which Lindapter has issued an updated product guide outlining its capabilities.

Hollo-Bolt Attributes

Hollo-Bolt is a Hollow Structural Section expansion bolt that’s designed for square, rectangular, and circular hollow sections, and can be installed from only one side in limited-access scenarios. In compliance with the International Building Code, it’s the only expansion bolt with ICC approval for all Seismic Design Categories A through F. Hollo-Bolt is available in a variety of sizes and corrosion protection, as well as in three head variants for an array of architectural finishes: hexagonal, countersunk, and flush fit.

Standard Hollo-Bolt vs. Hollo-Bolt HCF

The standard Hollo-Bolt consists of a collar, sleeve, cone, and bolt. These components work to form a secure clamping force between a fixture and a hollow steel section through a simple installation process: First insert the Hollo-Bolt through the pre-drilled holes in the fixture and hollow steel section, then grip the Hollo-Bolt’s collar with an open-ended wrench. Lastly, tighten the central bolt to the recommended torque using a calibrated torque wrench. Standard Hollo-Bolts come in M8 (5/16”), (M10) 3/8", and (M12) 1/2" diameters with three lengths per diameter. The Hollo-Bolt HCF achieves a stronger connection via the inclusion of the HCF (high clamping force) mechanism in its design. This component makes use of a compressible rubber washer that reduces displacement and increases clamping by force by as much as 3.5 times compared to competitor products. Hollo-Bolt HCF comes in two diameters: M16 (5/8") and M20 (3/4") also with three lengths per diameter. Consult Lindapter’s full Holo-Bolt Guide for details on allowable loading and safe working loads.  Get your copy by clicking here or the button below:

Download Lindapter's  Hollo-Bolt Guide

Hollo-Bolt Applications

Hollo-Bolt has been used to bring a wide breadth of projects to life around the world. Three thousand of the connectors were used to secure the primary steel tubes that comprise the canopy of the Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles, California --  forming a strong yet aesthetically pleasing connection without the use of costly and hazardous hot work at height. In New York City, 250 Hollo-Bolts were used to attach an 8-story artistic facade, Stephen Glassman’s “Flows Two Ways” sculpture, onto the face of the Helena 57 West building.

With unparalleled durability, versatility, and customer service, Lindapter and its innovative products are the perfect solution for most construction needs.Contact us today for a free design consultation, and to learn more about what Hollo-Bolt can do for you.

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