Sep 14, 2015 9:48:00 AM

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the most innovative and highest quality fasteners available, Glaser & Associates was proud to partner with Lindapter USA last year. This year, Lindapter is proud to announce a new product.

Lindapter Type AAFtype-aaf-clamp

Lindapter’s Type AAF clamps are their flagship steel connection clamps. These High Slip Resistant (HSR) clamps are designed in two parts.

The rocking washer, separate from the body of the clamp, is an incredible innovation that allows “Adjustable AF” clamps to self-adjust to flanges in a number of different thicknesses. This allows for easy installation and simplified product procurement because each clamp is compatible with a vast range of metal thicknesses.

Type AAF HSR clamps are cast from low temperature spheroidal graphite (SG) iron to EN 1563 specifications, and hot dip galvanized to EN ESO 1461 specifications. Type AAF clamps are as strong as Type AF clamps, with the same high load capacity, and high frictional, tensile, and impact strengths. Additionally, due to the low temperate SG iron used, Type AAF clamps have high corrosion resistance even when used in low temperatures.

Type AAF M20 (3/4”)

The newest HSR class in the Type AAF family is the Type AAF size M20 (3/4”). The M20 (3/4”) joins the M12 (1/2”) and M16 (5/8”) sizes.

The Type AAF M20 (3/4”) was designed to meet the rising demand for clamping systems that can be used with larger girders. Its clamping range spans from as thin as 6mm to as wide as 40mm — that’s 10mm wider than the Type AAF M16 (5/8”) and 14mm wider than the M12 (1/2”). The M20 (3/4”) clamps have a slip resistance of 20kN on painted steelwork or 25kN on galvanized steelwork, and a tensile resistance of 30kN.

Type AAF HSR clamps have a wide variety of uses, including in bridge strengthening applications, as roof beam supports or connectors, and to secure lifting points.

ICC-ES Certification

Lindapter is also very proud to announce that the Hollo-Bolt, their proprietary expansion bolt, has received complete seismic approval from ICC-ES. This makes the Hollo-Bolt the first expansion bolt to ever be approved in all six seismic design categories. This news is particularly important to California, Glaser’s exclusive Lindapter supply range, as the state is prone to seismic activity.

To learn more about Glaser, Lindapter, and Lindapter’s cutting edge products, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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