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Lindapter has been pioneering the design and manufacture of steel clamping systems for over 80 years. What started out as a modest family business in 1934 has grown into a world-renowned company that has transformed the industry with products that don’t require welding or drilling -- like the Girder Clamp. Now, Lindapter has published an all-new product catalogue outlining the specifications, components, and real-life applications of this revolutionary connector, with detailed information on each type of configuration and model.

Typical Lindapter Girder Clamp Configurations


Girder Clamp’s standard configuration, beam-to-beam, is intended to resist tensile loading when securing steel sections.


In a beam-to-column configuration, a secure connection to vertical columns is achieved by employing a High Slip Resistance clamp.

Inclined Beam-to-Beam

This configuration guards against both tensile loading and slip via a fabricated assembly that’s optimized with adjustable High Slip Resistance clamps.

Girder Clamp Types

Type AAF

Fully adjustable to suit multiple flange thicknesses, Type AAF is a High Slip Resistance clamp for tensile, frictional, and combined load applications. Hot dip galvanized, this clamp is effective in temperatures as low as -76°F and is suitable for flanges up to 10°.

Type AF

This heavy duty clamp can accommodate the highest load capacities out of all Lindapter’s High Slip Resistance clamps, for tensile, frictional, and combined load applications. Static slip resistance clocks in at 15,736 lbs. or tensile 56,200 lbs., and is suitable for parallel and tapered flanges of 10° maximum.

Type CF

Fit for parallel and tapered flanges up to 8°, Type CF is ideal in situations where that steel sections to be connected don’t actually face each other, like when connecting horizontal beams to vertical columns. It can be coupled with any Lindapter High Slip Resistance clamp to accommodate a variety of working loads.

Type LS

Forged from high-strength stainless steel (Grade 316), Type LS provides excellent protection from corrosion. It’s compatible with a variety of flange thicknesses thanks to its self-adjusting nature, and is rated for parallel and tapered flanges up 10°.

Real-Life Girder Clamp Applications

Lindapter played an instrumental role in a large-scale undersea project carried out by Atlantis Resources Limited, a pioneer of tidal current power. Several subsea measurement systems were tied into one system with the aid of Type AF clamps, which were selected for their high slip resistance, lateral adjustability, and wealth of independent technical approvals. By implementing Lindapter’s revolutionary product, engineers were able to form sturdy connections between the steel platform back and the flange of the tidal turbine support structure without drilling or welding, instead using only hand tools. This reduced labor costs, minimized working hazards, and cut down on installation time.

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