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Since Lindapter went into business over 80 years ago, they have been changing the game when it comes to connecting steel. There is good reason Lindapter is known as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of steel-to-steel connections: they eliminate drilling or welding in the field - slashing costs and expediting the job.

Off-site construction projects are those that plan, design, fabricate, transport and assemble building elements for rapid site assembly as opposed to traditional, piecemeal construction. Of the range of off-site products - componentized, panelized, modularized elements - modularized is the most complete in factory finish, sometimes almost totally complete. The components are shipped and assembled as 3D volumetric units that are service or structural units to be joined on-site. That’s where Lindapter comes in.

Some typical off-site and modular construction applications include:

Connecting Modular Units

Hollo-Bolts and location plates connect the HSS (Hollow Structural Section) framework of adjoining modules. The Hollo-Bolt has a jaw-dropping high strength capacity, it’s understandable why it’s so popular. It also earns the CE mark approval and the ICC-ES approval for resistance to wind loads and seismic loads among others making it not only strong but safe.

Cable Management

Lindapter CE Marked clamping systems are used to secure the framework for cable tray systems, which are often shipped to site as complete assemblies. Next, Lindapter clamps allow a contractor the freedom and flexibility to properly position the cable management systems by loosely attaching them to the structure before using standard hand tools to tighten the clamps and finish the installation.

Prefabricated Balconies

The quickest and most reliable way for a contractor to attach balconies to any building is using Lindapter Hollo-Bolts. First they are used as splice connections for the hollow structural sections which are positioned vertically against the building, next Hollo-Bolts connect the balcony framework to the hollow structural section.

Lifting Beams

Lindapter connections are designed for uses such as attaching lifting brackets to pre-built modules - such as bridge decks. These connections allow a contractor to hoist large modules up to the place of installation quickly and safely without damaging the material or its coatings. Once positioned, the contractor simply unclamps the Lindapter connection to release the lifting beam.

Steel Frames

Lindapter’s clamping systems are perfect for securing the steel framework, including the base frame of modular buildings. The Girder Clamp’s adjustability allows the installer to quickly align the steel beams, before tightening the clamps with standard hand tools to complete the installation - absolutely no drilling or welding are required, yet the integrity of the steel is preserved.

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