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Lindapter has been pioneering the design and manufacture of steel clamping systems for 80 years, beginning in 1934 with a new concept invented by engineer Henry Lindsay. He cut down the time consuming drilling and welding process by connection steel with the Lindsay Bolt Adapter which clamped steel beams together with ease. And from these two names — “Lindsay” and “Adapter — Lindapter was born. 

Since then, this family business has grown into a well-respected, global brand that proved faster, more cost-alternatives to the process of drilling and welding.

So how do Lindapter products with Steel Floor Connections in environments like train maintenance depots, industrial facilities, water treatment plants, off-shore platform oil rigs, automated warehouses and power stations? We offer many different options for steel floor connections including the Lindapter Type FF Floorfast connectors, Type GF Gratefast connectors, and Type 1055 floor connections. These work in a variety of different ways including using intricate webbed shaped and corrosion resistant materials for varying degrees of steel plate and grating. Lindapter has taken the products you need and made them easier, more reliable, and more efficient.

The Lindapter Type FF Floorfast connectors are an innovative option for securing steel floor plates also known as diamond plates, Durbar floor plates, checker plates or tread plates. These options comprise an iron, malleable body casting and a countersunk socket screw. The unique webbed shape of the casting makes for easy locking with other steelwork and full face contact when torque enters the picture. 

The Lindapter Type GF Gratefast gives unparalleled clamping force when connecting rectangular open bar grating. This grating connector comes in multiple sizes depending on floor width, and other specifications.

A tool designed by the R&D team at Lindapter for Amec on behalf of Shell UK Exploration and Production, Type 1055 is a bespoke connector that enables solid plate flooring to be fitted to open-mesh or open-grid flooring quickly and simply.

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Choosing Lindapter for your applications is the safer, more cost-effective and efficient way to meet your goals. Their team of experienced, dedication engineers are always available to offer you the support you need. Our philosophy is to deliver the highest level of service from initial design through installation. If you don’t see your solution, contact us for a free design consultation today!

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