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For over 80 years, Lindapter has innovated steel-to-steel connections that do not require traditional drilling or welding. Its internationally accredited steelwork clamping systems greatly cut down on installation time, cost, and physical risk -- transforming the way industrial projects are realized, from oil and gas to renewable energy to civil engineering. Now, Lindapter is applying this revolutionary approach to the arts and entertainment industry, which comprises live events and performances; cultural, historical and educational exhibitions; and facilities that allow for recreational and leisure activities.

Here are just a few examples of Lindapter’s arts and entertainment applications:

Signage and Banners

Lindapter fixings are a great solve for suspending signs and banners in places where they need to be securely fastened but easily and quickly removed without damaging the underlying steelwork -- like exhibition halls where there is a heavy turnover of events. Other areas include bridges, billboards, and any other highly-visible spaces.

Temporary Seating

Increasing the number of seats in a venue is easily achieved with the use of Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolt, a revolutionary fastener that can be simply installed and adjusted using only hand tools. This makes removal in between events completely seamless and economical in terms of time and labor.

Adjustable Pulley Systems

Pulleys are essential simple machines in the theater world, used for helping control scenery, stage curtains, and props. Lindapter Type A, Type B and adjustable Type LR Girder Clamps are used to create support framework onto which pulleys are attached, and provide a wide range of adjustability to meet the varied demands of each unique stage production.

Fall Arrest Applications

Lindapter’s Type AF and adjustable Type AAF High Slip Resistance Clamps are ideal for securing safety devices to structures, allowing performers and maintenance workers alike to be suspended high above the ground without fear of falling. Clamps like these are particularly suited for sloped structures, as they’re ideal for tensile, slip, and combined loads.

Rigging Exhibits

Historical artifacts and display items can be suspended from museum and gallery ceilings with Type ALP Lindapter Lifting Points. These fixings are installed using hand tools, and easily adjusted to accommodate beams of various sizes. Items can be quickly and painlessly swapped out with no risk of damage to the exhibits themselves or the supporting steelwork.  

Sculptures and Facades

Finally, Lindapter’s Type AF and adjustable Type AAF High Slip Resistance Clamps can also be applied to jobs in which facade panels are fastened to structural steelwork. Precise and quick alignment of the panels is made possible by the clamps’ vertical and lateral adjustability.

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Lindapter’s safe, secure, and cost effective products are uniquely suited to meet the demands of the arts and entertainment industry. But if you don’t see your solution here, don’t hesitate to contact us about a 100% customizable solution that solves for your specific needs. Our design consultations are completely free of charge. 

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