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In addition to manufacturing safe, sturdy, and cost effective steel connectors that don’t require welding and drilling, Lindapter offers free connection design assistance as part of its comprehensive Technical Support. Here’s how it works.

Three-Step Custom Design Process

Custom designs are fulfilled in three easy steps. First, the customer provides the project’s design requirements via email. This includes: member sizes to be used or flange width and thickness, loads to be resisted, and a general arrangement sketch or verbal description of the job. Project name/title and project location can also be provided, but are not required. Next, a team of experienced Lindapter engineers will formulate a custom design solution with both cost and performance in mind, ensuring the perfect balance between quality and fiscal responsibility. Lastly, the solution is outlined in a design sheet and sent back to the customer. Each thoroughly detailed design sheet includes the following information: assembly data, Lindapter distributor purchasing information, Lindapter product requirements, customer’s company name, project name (if provided), and additional dimensions for precise fabrication.

The Lindapter Difference

Lindapter goes the extra mile when it comes to custom design deliverables, providing customers with design drawings in 2D as well as interactive 3D formats. CAD files can also be provided, allowing for easy integration with design software. But the service doesn’t stop there -- a free design proposal is just one component of Lindapter’s extensive Technical Support offerings. Quotation, supply, and even installation guidance is available to Lindapter customers, ensuring a thorough, efficient, and affordable experience from start to finish.

Interested in seeing what the Lindapter Difference can do for you and your business? Contact us today for a free design consultation, and information on the full breadth of Lindapter customer service.



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