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Durable steel connections that require no on-site drilling or welding is a key priority for Lindapter, and one that is fully realized in the design and implementation of its Girder Clamping systems. From the same makers of the revolutionary Hollo-Bolt®, Lindapter’s equally innovative Girder Clamps not only allow for a faster and safer steel connection, but also provides an extremely cost effective alternative to other connection methods.


How Lindapter Girder Clamps Work

Lindapter Girder Clamps are used to connect two steel sections together without welding or conventional drilling and bolting. Manufactured from high-strength materials, Lindapter Girder Clamps are fully adjustable using hand tools and don’t require power, making the three-step installation process quick, easy, and reliable. To install, first bring the location plate and lower beam into position beneath the upper beam. Next, fit each bolt in turn with two Lindapter Girder Clamps, packings (if required), a nut, and a washer. Lastly, tighten each bolt to the recommended torque using a wrench. Typical configurations include beam-to-beam, beam-to-column, and inclined beam-to-beam -- all free of unsightly welds.

Cost-Savings Benefits of Lindapter Girder Clamps

Because Lindapter Girder Clamps don’t require welding, they eliminate costs associated with hot work, including hot work permits, fire box installation and removal, support equipment, lead abatement processes, welding processes (setup and breakdown), and touching up (painting and galvanizing). According to a 2007 Independent Welding vs. Lindapter Method Comparison from Exxon, welding required 618 minutes of labor at a cost of $464.20 per connection while Lindapter Girder Clamps required 105 hours of labor at a cost of $98.55 per connection. The elimination of hot work with Lindapter Girder Clamps also reduces the risk of costly on-site injuries.

Applied Markets for Lindapter Girder Clamps

Lindapter Girder Clamps can be applied to a variety of markets, including plant engineering, chemical and petrochemical, material handling, structural engineering, civil engineering, facades, theater equipment, and offshore oil.

To learn more about Lindapter’s money-saving capabilities, download our Girder Clamp Cost-Savings Benefit guide.

Download Lindapter's Girder Clamp Cost-Savings Guide


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