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Lindapter connections are specified around the world for permanent and temporary connections in a variety of modular and off-site construction applications. Whether securing structural steel sections, cable management systems or constructing modular buildings, Lindapter has a proven, accredited and adjustable connection that will allow fast alignment in the field. 

Real life Lindapter Examples 

Several major projects credit Lindapter for their success. Understanding these real-life examples drives home the point of how Lindapter is used in real-life. A few highlights are: 

Escravos Gas to Liquid Project, Nigeria 

Located in the Niger Delta about 62 mi southeast of Lagos, this plant converts natural gas into liquid petroleum products. This structure was a transportation project - modules were manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and then transported to the project site in Nigeria.  Lindapter Type LR clamps were used to secure the pipework to a supporting framework during transportation of the modules - no need for drilling or welding - during transport and then the process was reversed when ready.  

The Type LR was perfect for this job because of their adjustability which enabled the pipes to be quickly installed and then simply unclamped when they arrived at their destination. The clamps ensure the integrity of the steel do not damage its coatings in transit. These clamping systems are made from high strength materials and hot dip galvanized to ensure protection against harsh weather conditions --which was important in this case given the harsh offshore environment.


Spurn Discovery Centre, UK

Located in Yorkshire, Spurn is an internationally known nature reserve. The Discovery Center is the primary visitors and staff center on-site. For this project, Hollo-Bolts and steel plates were specified for connecting the Hollow Structural Section (HSS) framework of the rooms together. The hot dip galvanized hexagonal head Hollo-Bolt was the best for this job because of its high strength capacity. The Hollo-Bolt allowed a quick and easy installation process from the inside of the modules - all that was needed was standard hand tools - which resulted in an efficient construction schedule. Also, more confidence comes from the range of independent technical accreditations, including the CE mark and full ICC-ES approval.


Support and Accreditations

The long list of approvals and accreditations Lindapter has earned speaks for itself: CE Marking, Lloyds Register, TÜV NORD, ICC-ES, Factory Mutual, Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Verband der Schadenversicherer all stand behind Lindapter as holding the highest standard of the safety and reliability. 

Plus, Lindapter’s support services are unrivaled. Experienced Engineers offer support services that includes free design and custom product development. Lindapter’s philosophy is to deliver the highest quality at every stage of the service, from initial design through to installation guidance and they follow through on this.

If you are about to attack an off-site modular construction project, consider Lindapter. For more information, download Glaser's Lindapter Modular and Off-Site Construction Brochure click here or the button below:

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