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The durable steel connectors manufactured by Lindapter aren’t just practical in terms of stability, safety, and cost-effectiveness -- they’re also the obvious choice when it comes to architectural and artistic projects where the emphasis is on creating beautiful aesthetics. Products like the revolutionary Hollo-Bolt and Girder Clamp systems provide fast, strong steel connections without the use of hot work, eliminating unsightly welds while also cutting down on installation times, on-site labor costs, and worker safety hazards inherent to traditional drilling and welding. 

Architecture firms have implemented Lindapter’s products in the construction of building facades, glass attachments, and sculptures for a wide variety of high-profile projects:

“Flows Two Ways” Sculpture

This 60x60-foot sculpture comprises the eight-story artistic facade of the Helena 57 skyscraper in New York City. The 32,000-pound piece is made up of 35 interlocking panels and 400 aluminum tubes each measuring 60 feet long. The components were fastened to a steel matrix using 250 of Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolts because of their approved use by ICC-ES in all design categories (A-F) for resisting wind loads and seismic loads.


San Francisco Public Safety Building

Part of San Francisco’s Mission Bay Redevelopment Area, the new public safety complex boasts an energy-efficient, four-level tower with a beautiful glass curtain wall designed to maximize the flow of natural sunlight throughout the office space. Lindapter’s Type LR Self-Adjusting Girder Clamp played a key role in the construction project, saving time and money while limiting construction safety risks.


Oakley Flagship Store

Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolts and Type AF High Slip Resistance Clamps were utilized in the installation of cladding on the face of Oakley’s flagship store in New York City. The existing structural steel was comprised of riveted sections, the properties of which were unknown. No drilling or welding was permitted, making Lindapter’s products perfect solutions for the job.


Target Field

The $425 million Target Field is a 40,000-seat open-air stadium that’s home to the Milwaukee Brewers Major League Baseball team. Lindapter’s Type LR Girder Clamps were used to connect a stunning curved canopy to the structure, as they were able to meet and exceed the project’s 5,000-pound wind load requirement and offered a wide range of adjustability in the field.


New York Waterway Midtown Welcome Center

The New York Waterway Midtown welcome center is a gleaming glass-clad building on Manhattan's western shoreline. Hollo-Bolts were used to install the glazing framework, which was secured to rectangular hollow sections without any welding or strapping, thus allowing for a connection that has high shear and tensile load capabilities yet is still pleasing to the eye.


American Copper Buildings “Sky-Pool”

Allowing guests to effectively swim through the air, the so-called “Sky-Pool” is a swimming pool at the bottom floor of a three-floor skybridge that connects two luxury high-rise towers 300 feet above New York City’s First Avenue. Lindapter’s Type AAF High Slip Resistance Clamps were used to secure a steel grid to the steel trusses that make up the skybridge, which were then, in turn, connected to facade panels. In addition to not requiring welding or drilling, Lindapter’s Girder Clamps were selected because of their high strength capacity and longevity, as well as their on-site adjustability, which cut down on project time and costs.

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