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For more than eight decades, Lindapter has been a major player in the construction space with its dependable, adjustable steel connectors that don’t require costly and time-consuming drilling or welding. What’s lesser known is Lindapter’s contributions to sustainable construction, which utilizes building materials and methods that are intended to limit impact to the environment. Here are just some of the high-profile, sustainable construction projects made possible by innovative Lindapter products:

The Circular Building - London, UK

Lindapter played a critical role in the construction of The Circular Building, a conceptual building developed by Arup, Frener & Reifer, BAM Construction, and The Built Environment Trust. Exhibited at The Building Centre in London, the prototype was an architectural application of circular economy principles, as the building’s materials were able to be reused and repurposed. Arup called upon Lindapter to aid in securing roof panels, wall panels, and glazing supports to the building’s steel frame, which Lindapter achieved via a custom Girder Clamp connection. This allowed for easy disassembly of the building at the end of the London exhibition -- and easy reassembly at several other exhibition locations across Europe.

Haley V Research Centre - Antarctica

Administered by the British Antarctic Survey, the Haley V Research Centre began operations on Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf in 1989. Lindapter aided in the facility’s construction, using Type A and Type B Girder Clamps to create a cross-girder base by fastening the structural steelwork to the frame. Cast in blackheart malleable iron, these high-strength Girder Clamps were well capable of meeting the harsh environmental demands of the Antarctic. What’s more, they were designed to be easily installed by hand while wearing bulky gloves -- a necessity for workers in such a frigid climate. Thanks to Lindapter’s innovative solves, the Haley V Research Centre operated well past its intended 20-year lifespan, finally closing in 2012. It was disassembled in just one month and transported to South Africa where its components were recycled.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - Bristol, UK

Opened in 1864, the Clifton Suspension Bridge carries vehicles high across River Avon in South West England. Lindapter Type B clamps were installed on the Grade 1-listed bridge over 50 years ago, connecting its wood deck to lattice girders without the need for drilling. Though Lindapter’s clamps stood the test of time and harsh environmental conditions, the underlying coach bolts did not, and needed replacing due to corrosion. Lindapter used this opportunity to upgrade the clamps as well, selecting the more recently developed Type LR. The product’s ability to accommodate variable flange thicknesses made it ideal for the job, as the bridge’s iron beams varied in size. This made for rapid installation, and ensured the sustainability of the bridge for generations to come.

The Lindapter Product Range

In addition to the Girder Clamps mentioned here, Lindapter has a wide array of products spanning numerous applications. Whether it’s the expansion Hollo-Bolt for use with structural hollow sections, rail fixings that are ideal for securing train rails or crane lines, or lifting points for rigging AV equipment or lifting drilling risers on offshore oil rigs, Lindapter has the perfect solution for any type of construction need. Just send your project’s specifications to and one of our experienced engineers will design a custom connection for free.

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