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When it comes to steel connections, Lindapter has been paving the way since 1934.

Lindapter’s line of products connect steel beams, structural supports and grating together in creative and innovative ways. Their revolutionary methods drive down cost, installation times, and reduce permit requirements while minimizing worker risk. Here are some standout examples of how Lindapter products have been applied across a broad spectrum of industries.


Wilshire Grand Center

Completed in 2017, the Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles, California is the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The mesmerizing structure features a curved canopy, in which 3,000 Lindapter Hollo-Bolts were used to connect the steel tubes that comprise it. This allowed installation from just one side, which eliminated the need for onsite drilling or welding. The result was a secure yet aesthetically pleasing connection, free of deformations that through-bolting can cause when bolts are over-tightened.


American Copper Building

Delivering stunning views of New York’s East River, the American Cooper Building is one of the most striking luxury rentals in the city. Its most impressive feature is a three-story skybridge that links the complex’s two towers, containing a gym and swimming pool. Lindapter Type AAF clamps were used to connect a steel grid to trusses that formed a frame for the facade panels to be installed onto the sky bridge. The adjustable clamps allowed workers to complete the project without drilling or welding, which saved both time and money.


Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge spans the Delaware River, connecting Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey. An open bar grating system was secured to the bridge using Lindapter’s Grate-Fast, and was able to be installed using just hand tools. Grate-Fast’s durability -- as well as its range of approvals, including Lloyd’s Register Type Approval covering vibration -- made it the ideal product for the job.


Madison Square Park

In New York City’s Madison Square Park, Lindapter Type AF clamps were used in the installation of the steel framework of an artistic canopy designed by Teresita Fernandez. I-beams were secured diagonally thanks to the lateral adjustability of the AF clamps. And with no need for hot work, there was no disturbance to the park’s 50,000 daily visitors. Once the exhibition had ended, the clamps were removed without damaging the steel or coatings.


American Helicopter Museum

Fitted with an eyebolt without drilling or welding, Lindapter’s LP4 Lifting Point was used to suspend a 1,500-lb. helicopter from the ceiling of the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, Pennsylvania. This powerful connector is also rated for the suspension of lighting and sound rigging equipment in theaters and arenas. The Type ALP Lifting Point is also available, an off-the-shelf solution that adjusts to accommodate specific width, flange thickness, and orientation.


NBA Store

Inside the NBA store in New York, Type AAF clamps were used to connect sections of a large basketball-shaped sculpture using simple hand tools. Thanks to their adjustability, these clamps are able to accommodate an array of beam flange thicknesses. Since there was no drilling or welding required, time and money was saved on lead abatement and specialist labor and equipment.


Flows Two Ways Sculpture

Dubbed “The Great Pyramid of Manhattan,” the VIA 57 West skyscraper in New York features an immense 60x60-foot sculpture -- Stephen Glassman’s “Flows Two Ways.” 250 Hollo-Bolts were used in its installation, creating a dependable connection that’s still pleasing to the eye. Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolt has earned a slew of approvals, including for ICC-ES seismic design categories A-F, making it the ideal solution for projects such as these.


Manhattan Bridge

Lindapter’s Type F3 Pipe and Conduit Supports were selected to affix a large pipe carrying fiber optic internet cable onto New York’s Manhattan Bridge. Only hand tools were needed for the installation, and since there was no need for drilling and welding, time and money were saved on hot work permits and site closure.

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