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Founded in 1934 by Henry Lindsay, Lindapter has been a revolutionary force in the construction industry for more than 75 years. The company’s enterprising engineers have pioneered a line of innovative steel connections that have contributed to the success of countless projects in terms of cost, safety, stability.

Benefits of Lindapter Steel Connections

The defining characteristics of all Lindapter connections is ease of installation. There is no need for welding or drilling with our products, reducing risk of worker injury and limiting labor time and associated costs. Each connection is fully adjustable, and is easily modified with the use of only hand tools. But Lindapter doesn’t trade convenience for reliability. Our connections have earned an extensive list of independent approvals, including ICC-ES, CE, and a slew of other international accreditation. All Lindapter products include comprehensive Technical Support, which includes a free connection design that’s tailor-made to specific project needs.

Girder Clamp

The Girder Clamp is a steel connection that is used to fasten two steel sections together -- without hot work such as drilling and welding. It’s made from high-strength materials, and is compatible with nearly any type of steel section regardless of shape or size. Because of its versatility, Girder Clamp has a wide array of applications -- like steel construction, cranes, and tower and masts -- and is suited for use in such markets as plant engineering, civil engineering, transportation, chemical, and artistic facades. Multiple types of loads can be achieved, such as tensile loading, frictional loading, shear loading, compression loading, and combined loads.

Key Types of Girder Clamps

Girder Clamps come in over 15 different varieties. Some key variants are Type A, Type B, Type AF, and Type LR. Type A Clamps are suitable for parallel flanges and tapered flanges up to eight degrees, while Type B is additionally suitable for use with bolts, studs, tie rods and J bolts. Type AF is a High Slip Resistance clamp with a recessed top. It’s suitable for flanges up to 10 degrees, and is ideal for S-beams. Type LR is a self-adjusting clamp that’s apt for various flange thicknesses and slopes up to 15 degrees.

Type AAF, Lindapter’s newest product, is a two part adjustable steel work clamp that offers high load capacities, and anti-corrosion protection and performance, even in low temperatures when strength is most important. This "Adjustable AF" clamp is an enhanced version of Lindapter’s Type AF product and maintains the same safe working load capacities but is faster to install due to an impressive clamping range of 1/4” - 1 9/16” (size 3/4”).

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