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What Is Sustainable Construction?

As with other essential industries like energy and farming, the issue of sustainability figures heavily into the world of building and infrastructure. In order to mitigate environmental impacts, companies are beginning to embrace sustainable construction practices, materials, and designs that make efficient uses of resources like water, heat, and electricity while reducing waste. What’s more, components used in some projects are even designed to be reused -- extending their life cycle beyond the job for which they were initially produced.

How Lindapter Supports Sustainable Construction

Lindapter reduces materials and waste with its line of innovative steel fasteners that don’t require welding or drilling. Instead, connectors like the Girder Clamp are designed to be fully adjustable using only hand tools, which allows them to be easily removed and reused for future projects following demolition. Lindapter products also allow for the completion of jobs in a fraction of the time, and with considerably less labor cost, compared to conventional steel connections, while also reducing the risk of worker injury. In addition to sustainable construction, Lindapter products have a multitude of renewable energy applications, including wind, solar, and nuclear.

Case Study: Arup Group’s “Circular Building”

A particularly impressive example of Lindapter’s innovation in the sustainable construction space is the job it did for Arup Group’s “Circular Building.” The prototype structure, which was on display at this year’s London Design festival, illustrates the circular nature of the sustainable construction industry in that its components can be repurposed or otherwise recycled. Arup tapped Lindapter’s Technical Support Team to design a custom steel connection solution for the building, which involved the CE Marked Type B steelwork clamp. This solution facilitated the quick alignment and installation of wall and roof panels, as well as glazing supports to the building frame -- all of which was done by hand with a torque wrench.

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Find out more about Lindapter’s commitment to the environment, as well as Lindapter’s wind, solar, and nuclear renewable energy applications, by clicking here.

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