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Opportunities in renewable energy abound, and no products are better suited to meet the demands of the industry than the steel fasteners produced by Lindapter. Innovative hardware like the Hollo-Bolt and Girder Clamp don’t require welding or drilling and provide safe, sturdy steel connections that are also highly cost effective. Lindapter offers smart solutions for three key renewable energy scenarios: solar, wind, and nuclear.

Solar Energy Applications

Lindapter products are ideal for securing solar panels to steel and aluminum support frames, building roofs, bridges, and a host of other structures. Lindapter’s steelwork Girder Clamps are highly adjustable connectors intended for I-beams and brackets, with Type AF being suitable for high-friction jobs, Type AAF for high friction and sub-zero temperature situations, and Type LR for a wide array of steel sizes. The revolutionary Hollo-Bolt is a solid bet for connecting panels to hollow section frames, and is the only expansion bolt to gain full ICC-ES seismic approval in categories A through F. No matter the particular type of solar application, all Lindapter products are easily installed using hand tools, are fully adjustable, and are accompanied by robust technical support that includes free connection design.

Wind Energy Applications

With wind farms on the rise around the world, speedy and cost-effective installations will be key success indicators for construction projects. Lindapter products are instrumental in nearly every facet of wind power infrastructure, including ladder and support fixings, flooring, fixings within turbines, and tower and mast connections. An impressive success story, Lindapter’s vibration resistant Type-FF Floorfast fixings were used to install steel diamond plate flooring within turbine towers constructed by Enercon Windkraft, the top manufacturer of wind turbines in Germany.

Nuclear Energy Applications

Lindapter has played a critical role in nuclear energy project builds, as its products are ideal for structural hollow section connections, secondary steelwork connections, and services support. The Hollo-Bolt, in particular, has emerged as an invaluable construction solution and has earned an official endorsement from Ireland’s Sellafield nuclear site. Lindapter is also instrumental in the decommissioning of nuclear sites, as Type A and B Girder Clamps were implemented in temporary steel support structures at Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station in the UK, which aided in the removal of heavy machinery.

Lindapter Environmental Policy and Approvals

Impact on the environment is of primary concern for Lindapter. The company’s Environmental Management System has been BSI certified since 2010 and surpasses targets laid out by ISO 14001. What’s more, Lindapter has hit a string of impressive environmental benchmarks, including reducing its carbon footprint by 27%, reducing electricity consumption by nearly 20%, and reducing natural gas consumption by 16% -- all over the course of a three-year period. Most impressively, Lindapter brings 100% zero waste to landfill.

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