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Your bottom line is everything for your business. It's why efficiency is so important, so products can be designed, assembled and shipped in fast order, keeping you competitive, moving product out quickly and thereby keeping operations ticking to maximum potential. Efficiency and fast time to market is true in a lot of industries, including the furniture industry, where manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the process.


That's where TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors enter the picture. Specifically, they’re a patented furniture and panel connecting system that is applicable for the likes of solid wood and panels, laminated timbers, honeycomb, plywood, MDF and particleboard, among others. 

So what exactly makes the TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors such a game-changer in the furniture industry? Its benefits revolve around four main advantages: strength and reliability, speed, simplicity and scalability and re-use. Here's a closer look at each of these core benefits:

  • Strength and Reliability: TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors are is a self-clamping, interlocking system, so you'll never have to worry about the connecting system coming loose and impacting the end product. It's also a center based connection, which provides the maximum amount of strength. Finally, there's also a vast range of drilling tolerances to almost always guarantee a reliable assembly.
  • Speed: We already mentioned how important time to market is. TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors help manufacturers achieve this, as shafting and clamping is feasible in a single, simple step.
  • Simplicity and Scalability: With TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors, manufacturers are able to create better joints with fewer parts. It requires only the most basic of tools and there are no costly set up fees involved. It's also scalable and versatile, meaning flat-pack-ability and prompt turnaround is doable for custom solutions.
  • Recycle: To round out the four main benefits of the TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors are its ability to be recycled and reused. Furniture can be easily disassembled without ruining connections. It also offers a much more practical approach to taking a particular company to new, environmentally friendly heights. 

The connectors come in two series - the S Series and the H Series, the former of which is for solid wood and laminated timbers and the latter of which is suitable for honeycomb and other lightweight panels. 

In a nutshell, TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors simplify production, assembly and design to help furniture manufacturers increase efficiency and also lower costs in the process. There is also that all-important aspect of time to market, which the product can help accelerate, thereby helping to establish your business as the market leader when compared to the much slower competition. 

What's more is that TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors can also open the door to new design possibilities and innovation, as the increased design flexibility it permits can allow a business to become even more creative with its product offerings. 

So for the best benefit to your company’s bottom line, the TorpedoCSIS interlocking connectors are a technology that can become that positive force of change for your business. The benefits far outweigh any risk.

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