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Glaser & Associates, Inc., a leading supplier of industrial fasteners, recently partnered with TorpedoCSIS as their exclusive North American distributor.


TorpedoCSIS, an Australian company, manufactures a line of highly innovative furniture and panel connectors that fit will with Glaser’s history of quality and advancement.

TorpedoCSIS Connectors

TorpedoCSIS’s line of interlocking connectors, though each is specialized for certain applications, are all based on the same principle: simplicity. Using a unique grub screw and shaft bolt, each of these patented TorpedoCSIS connections  are self-clamping and guaranteed not to loosen.

HO1 Series Lightweight Panel Connectors

The HO1 Series 90º Dual Layer Connector is a four-piece connector and requires only three drill holes. The HO1 series is ideal for connecting honeycomb panels, post and rail setups, and in any application that requires high pullout strength.

SO1 Series Solid Wood Connectors

The SO1 Series Rail & Post Connector, a highly versatile rail and post connector, can be used in solid wood and metal, as well as with lightweight materials such as honeycomb, plywood, particleboard, and MDF panels. They work great in tables, chairs, beds, and any other rail and post application. Additionally, their simplicity and ease of use makes them particularly well suited for consumer-assembled products.

SO2 Series Solid Wood Connectors

The SO2 Beam Connector is a heavy duty connector designed for use in the support structure of high traffic furniture, such as beds and tables, as well as in stair posts and other applications. The shaft bolt is fully adjustable for ease of assembly by consumers.

SO3 Series Solid Wood Connectors

The SO3 Series Adjustable Bracing Connector is a three-piece connector designed for solid wood post and rail assemblies which require longer bracing dimensions. The adjustable shaft bolt makes consumer installation easy.

SO3-G Series Solid Wood Connectors

The SO3-G Invisible + Adjustable Bracing Connector, like the SO3 series, is designed for large-dimension solid wood post and rail bracing. Unlike the SO3 Series, the SO3-G Series uses a specialized grub screw with wide threads — this eliminates the need for a grub screw housing and minimizes the connector’s visual impact. 

The TorpedoCSIS line of panel and furniture connectors offer unparrelleled simplicity and strength. For more information on their lightweight panel and solid wood connectors, including specifications and part guides, download their fulled product catalog by clicking here or the button below:

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