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Renewable energy isn’t just advantageous in terms of the environment; green technologies like solar power make good business sense, too. With favorable returns on investment as well as federal and state incentives, installing a solar array -- multiple solar panels arranged together to form an energy-producing system -- can pay off in the long run versus reliance on fossil fuels. And as more and more businesses invest in solar, Lindapter is uniquely suited to handle the demands of solar array installations.

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Products like the Hollo-Bolt and Girder Clamps form strong, fast steel connections without conventional welding and drilling, and are fully adjustable using only hand tools. By eliminating the need for hot work, Lindapter saves construction projects money and time, and greatly reduces worker safety hazards. Moreover, Lindapter products have been independently recognized for their strength and durability. The revolutionary Hollo-Bolt, for example, is the only expansion bolt to gain full seismic approval from the ICC-ES for seismic design categories A through F. Outstanding technical support is available for all Lindapter products, and includes free connection design consult. Though Lindapter is suited for a wide range of project scenarios from art and architecture to offshore oil rigs, product benefits are most apparent when it comes to solar.

Lindapter Solar Applications

Lindapter products are ideal for installing solar arrays in a variety of locations. The Type A Girder Clamp has proved instrumental in securing solar arrays to steel sections on bridges without welding or drilling, while the heavy duty Type AF clamp has been used to attach arrays to a building’s steel I-beam frame. The Hollo-Bolt is also uniquely suited for these types of installs: Hollo-Bolts were used to secure a framework of hollow steel sections to a building’s exterior, which accommodated a facade of solar arrays. And on the roof of another building, Hollo-Bolts were used to install solar array mounting points.

Nothing to Lose With Lindapter’s Comprehensive Technical Support

Contact Lindapter’s local authorized distributor, Glaser & Associates, Inc., for your next solar installation project. You’ll receive a Lindapter-engineered design solution, free of charge. Just send the details below to info@GlaserBolt.com, and Glaser & Associates, Inc. and Lindapter will do the rest! 

  • Steel sizes to be used or flange width/thickness
  • Loads to be resisted
  • General arrangement sketch or verbal description
  • Project name/title/location (optional)

Learn even more about Lindapter’s solar array capabilities by downloading our datasheet here:

Lindapter Solar Array Data Sheet

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