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Anchor bolts are used widely for foundation purposes. They are used for anchoring and erecting structures and/or industrial equipment where durability and stability is required. Concrete forms, columns, foundations and pads are the most popular mediums where anchor bolts are used.

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anchor boltsWe here at Glaser and Associates, Inc. ensure to design such products with high end precision and detail. We supply standard embed anchor bolts as well as custom designed.

Glaser and Associates, Inc. can help create the correct anchor bolts for all industrial, mechanical and structural applications.

We are able to supply and/or manufacture headed anchor bolts, anchor rods and bent anchor bolts in specific materials that will meet the specific engineered requirements. With our experienced team we can provide quality products with our unmatched service.

Round and Square bend U-bolts are also on our list of standard and custom products. Typically a square bend U-bolt is manufactured to customer specific dimensions.

Glaser and Associates, Inc. supplies USA manufactured U-Bolts. Quality of material and manufacturing is very high when it comes to such products.

We ensure they are within the most current international quality standards. At Glaser and Associates, Inc. we want all our products to perform with 100% customer satisfaction results.

Order anchor bolts and/or U-bolts from us and see the difference in every product. We provide many flexible delivery options.

Whether you are bidding a job or you have an emergency installation, bring your engineering application to a whole new level when working with us. Our technical team will ensure that you have the best products for your industrial equipment and processes.

l bend anchor bolt

ASTM A307 Grade A "L" Bend Anchor Bolt w/ Nut & Washer, National Coarse

ASTM A307 Grade A Anchor Bolt with 1 Hex Nut & 1 Flat Washer, National Coarse Thread, Plain and Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish for use in industrial, commercial and residential foundation construction.

anchor bolts

Concrete Wedge Anchors

Multiple materials and sizes of Mechanical Steel Concrete Wedge Anchors for heavy duty pre-existing industrial and commercial concrete applications.

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