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Cap screws are designed with high end precision and are widely used for fastening purposes. The primary use of this product is in bolting and anchoring applications bridging the connection between two objects.

This connection is mechanical and ensures to hold securely during use. Depending on the material requirements this use includes multiple environments like high temperature and high pressure. The design and performance of these products is simply superb and outstanding. Machinery parts and rotating equipment widely make use of this product as they need to be joined together for durable operational purposes. Even consumer electronics and home appliances also use this product design to insure stability and performance.

Cap screws are available in multiple forms which includes Hex Cap Screws and Socket Head Cap Screws. We at Glaser and Associates, Inc. supply all our products according to the most current fastener standards. Our knowledgeable team can assist in finding the appropriate product for your needs. Custom orders are something which we give special preference as we understand the importance and investment of your custom engineered designs. Along with custom cap screws, we at Glaser and Associates, Inc. also manufacture custom Anchor Bolts and U Bolts which are required by various industries.

Glaser and Associates, Inc.’s Cap Screws are the need of today’s growing engineering needs. Every industrial, mechanical and structural project can use our products due to the quality of design and the multiple materials available. Anchor Bolts supplied and/or manufactured by Glaser and Associates, Inc. are the most economical insurance for the stability and longevity of all these projects. U bolts with standard or custom specifications are the right combination that can be used for various engineering processes. We process small runs and/or bulk orders for all our items. All of our orders are inspected for quality. Glaser and Associates, Inc. specializes in service.


Socket Head Cap Screws

ASTM A574 Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws manufactured to the ASME B18.3 dimensional specification for general use in industrial and commercial applications.

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Hex Cap Screws

Hex Cap Screws are available in Carbon Steel (SAE J429 Grade 2), Alloy Steels (SAE J429 Grade 5 and Grade 8) and Stainless Steels (18-8, AISI T304 and AISI T316). Hex Cap Screws are typically cold formed with a washer face and radius curve under the head to precise ASME B18.2.1 dimensional specifications.

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