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Anchor bolts serve one of the most important functions in construction and assembly in allowing materials to be fastened to concrete. Therefore, anchor bolts must walk a fine line between being durable, being able to withstand corrosion, and having versatility in thread types.

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anchor boltsThere are two ways of thinking when it comes to building with anchor bolts.

You can either design the attachment according to the anchor bolt type or use a custom bolt depending on the preferred building methods.

With the variety of options available for custom anchor bolt types it definitely makes sense to pick the fastener according to the material being fastened.

While there are a definite range of types of anchor bolts which are extremely important for function, how those types of fasteners performs depends largely on the material they are manufactured out of.

For example, our 304 or 316 stainless steel bolts will provide the best corrosion resistance while also aesthetically looking better within the design if exposed. Similarly using a custom anchor bolt manufactured from different grades of carbon steel and alloy under ASTM F1554 will all provide different structural strength properties.

Extending beyond material types anchor bolts can be given additional attributes based on the type of plating that is applied to the fastener. Both zinc and hot dipped galvanized plating add to the aesthetics of the bolt while also making it more durable.

As far as style the anchor bolts can come with either a mechanical wedge or adhesive installed all thread rod for pre-existing concrete or customizable headed, straight, and right angle or radius bend for concrete embedment.

 With all the customizable options available regarding our anchor bolts its best to speak to one of our product engineers for more specific solutions for your project. Please contact Glaser for more information today.