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Bolts are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and widely used fasteners in the industry. A variety of bolts can be found in both the simplest and most basic assemblies as well as more complex connections in high-stress and extreme temperature situations. While bolts may seem simplistic at the core Glaser offers a variety of components for any and all type of situations.

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boltsThe two main areas that make bolts different from each other are materials and head type.

Arguably the most important factor to consider when selecting a custom bolt is in fact the material.

If the assembly is going to be exposed to the elements or chemicals you'll want a corrosion resistant fastener in materials such as stainless or silicon bronze.

For assemblies under more pressure a thicker heavy-hex bolt is recommended and Glaser has everything and anything in between.

In addition to the wide variety of materials our bolts can be further customized for an exact use with different plating processes.

Cadmium, hot dipped galvanized, zinc yellow, zinc clear, and flourocarbon coated plating all serve a variety of different purposes for either withstanding exposure, heat, chemicals, sea water, and more.

 One of the great things about our wide variety of head styles (carriage head, socket, plow head, etc.) is that custom bolts can be ordered to match existing assembly components limiting the number of tools needed.

In many ways the head style goes along with the specific bolt style that can be chosen from whether it be tension control, carriage, lag, among others.

Customers can rest assured that Glaser will also meet the specifications as called out according to tolerances and prints. From thread pitches (UNC, UNF, UN) to ASTM individual specs just because a bolt is customized doesn't mean it can't be standardized.

 At Glaser we would like to work with you to find the perfect custom bolt solution for your specific needs. Please contact our service department for more specifics about your project.