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While you can generally walk into any hardware store and find a few varieties of cap screws you'll always be limited to the selections and quantities that department carries. When you want full control of the fasteners on your project it's time to choose Glaser Bolt custom cap screws.

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custom cap screwsCap screws serve a variety of functions in an almost unlimited amount of industries.

They are most often used to fasten two components together (machine parts, interior applications) but the situations within that connection occurs varies greatly.

Some cap screws will need to withstand exposure or heat while others may be needed in custom sizes.

Another factor in needing customized cap screws is the tapped hole in which they must tighten into which may have become bored out or is threaded at a unique size.

The first area of customization for cap screws is generally the material usage. Some materials are selected for their ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation outside or when exposed to moisture while others are used because of their strength.

Aluminum cap screws are often selected because they are lightweight and can be treated to be anti-corrosive. Glaser Bolt custom cap screws are used in energy, military, railroad, food service, and mining applications among others.

Cap screw materials can also be customized depending on the application with plating. Adding plating to a cap screw can provide even more resistance to exposure or it can help strengthen and protect the fastener.

Some of the various plating types include cadmium, hot dipped galvanized, tin, and zinc to make a cap screw even more specifically suited for your usage.

Another area of importance with cap screws is the thread types since they must fit into a tapped hole. Glaser Bolt offers our custom tap screws according to National Course (UNC), National Fine (UNF), and National Standard (UN) specifications so that assemblies can still be connected per callouts and tolerances.

For more information about further customization and for any other inquiries please contact Glaser Bolt.