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If you choose to go with one of our Glaser custom bolts, you'll likely also need a custom nut as well. There are a multitude of other reasons to choose from our wide selection of custom nut options whether it be for strength, durability in the eyes of exposure, or unique size or type needs.

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nutsWhile it may be easy to overlook the importance of a simple nut in an assembly true customization in a project is often the best way to reach the desired results.

Even a component as seemingly insubstantial as a nut could have an effect on the strength, performance, and durability of an assembly.

One of the first areas of customization for nuts will likely be in the material used to manufacture them.

At Glaser Bolt we can customize nuts from a wide variety of components depending on what the main needs of the project are. For instance our 303/304 and 316 type SS nuts are a versatile way to achieve anti-corrosiveness between a nut and bolt.

Having a nut/bolt assembly that becomes oxidized and seized together will require special tooling to remove and can hinder the performance of the part as a whole. 

Other materials are designed more with strength in mind such as the A194 Grade 2H heavy hex and DH structural. Aside from what material is used to fabricate the nuts additional properties can be added after the fact with our plating applications.

By plating the custom nut with any variety of cadmium, hot dipped zinc (galvanized), tin, or mechanical zinc we can improve the appearance of the part while also adding an extra layer of durability and protection.

Some other customization options include the type of nut needed which is very important as well as the diameter and thread types. For more specific information about the types of these options that are available for your assembly, please contact the Glaser support team today.