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U-Bolts are U-shaped bolts with threads on each leg. Though they were originally designed to support pipework, U-Bolts have been adopted into a number of additional uses, such as foundation and roof anchoring, frame fasteners, and conduit support. This makes U-Bolts a very versatile fastener.

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uboltsGlaser and Associates strives to stock a large range of high quality, highly durable U-Bolts.

But we know that your needs are vast and varied and that sometimes no standard U-Bolt that we keep stocked will suit your exact project requirements. 

That is why we offer a line of round and square bend custom options.

First we will determine whether a round bend or square bend U-Bolt will be better for your project. Round bend U-Bolts are ideal for pipe and conduit support, while square bend U-Bolts are best used to fasten HSS square tubular frames or to anchor a foundation.

The customization options don’t end with bend type. Virtually all aspects of a U-Bolt design can be adjusted to your specifications.

Materials can include anything from low carbon steel to stainless steel and other alloys. Glaser is equipped to perform a number of different plating and treatment processes, such as zinc plating.

Every single U-Bolt measurement—pipe size, length, width, rod diameter, and even thread pitch (TPI-threads per inch) and length—can be customized.

Further, Glaser offers a number of value added services, such as cutting, chamfering, coating, and finishing. The results are custom designed U-Bolts that perfectly adhere to your specific requirements.

Our goal in offering our extensive U-Bolt customization options is to ensure that 100 percent of your needs are met 100 percent of the time.

Contact Glaser today to discuss your U-Bolt requirements—our design team will help you find the best standard U-Bolt model for you, or design a unique U-Bolt customized to meet your precise project specifications.