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While it would seem that with such a wide variety of stock washers available there would be a limited need for any customization of the product. While it is true that the Glaser line of round flat washers, lock washers, square bevel washers, and disc spring washers do serve a variety of purposes and industries – you never know when customization may be required.

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washersOur policy is to give the customer every possible option to find their ultimate solution even when our huge line of stock products does not fulfill those needs.

While washers may seen like a discreet part of an assembly they undoubtedly serve an important purpose and must maintain proper function and durability for the integrity of the assembly.

The areas where a customer can customize their washers range but a good starting point is with the type of component available. The three main types of washers available are flat, locking, and plate but within those categories are an assortment of styles that all serve different needs.

Some examples include external/internal tooth, hi-collar split, square plate, direct tension indicator, fender, round plate, SAE narrow, USS wide, USS hard, and so forth.

Within that wide range of different washer types and styles available are the choices of what materials they are fabricated from.

Much like the washer style the material type serves an important function in the performance of the assembly. The variety of materials include those rated for anti-corrosiveness and others designed for more structural purposes. Beyond that the components can be manufactured to almost any diameter required.

With all these options you may want some more detailed information about which solution will best fit your project requirements. The Glaser design team is glad to help with specific assistance on the perfect custom washer for your needs so contact us today.