Founded in 1941 as “Maschinenbau Hilti OHG,” a five-man company formed in Liechtenstein, the Hilti Corporation now serves over 120 countries throughout the world, offering innovative, cutting-edge systems and technology for a wide range of industries and applications. On a daily basis, Hilti’s 22,000 employees interact with over 200,000 customers, providing them with the most detailed and in-depth assistance they can offer.

    Some of Hilti’s advanced and high-tech products include anchor systems, measuring systems, and installation systems, amongst a wide variety of other mechanical systems. Their services range from on-site testing to logistical and administrative services, and are guaranteed to provide customers with the assistance and quality information they need. Hilti is dedicated to providing construction and energy sectors with the highest quality service available.

    Hilti Corporation is committed to teamwork, as well as providing both their employees and customers with the utmost care. Taking an updated approach to human resources, Hilti is a standout corporation that strives to offer their employees an ideal working environment.

    Additionally, the corporation is intent upon fostering and maintaining a sustainable and lasting environment. At Hilti, environmental management is overseen by a professional staff dedicated to ensuring that the corporation is doing their best to contribute to a sustainable environment. 

    Hilti has proven a strong, influential force within the anchoring industry, known for providing customers with excellent innovation in anchoring systems. Their eco-friendly and quality performance products set Hilti apart from the competition, and equip their customers with products that make a difference.

    Glaser & Associates, Inc. are proud suppliers of the Hilti product line, including their exemplary anchor, measuring and installation systems. Glaser is proud to equip customers with the exemplary product lines offered by Hilti, a leading manufacturer of innovative and durable fastening, tooling, and anchoring systems.  When it comes to providing your projects with the highest quality technical products, Glaser and Hilti can do just that. Hilti’s high performance products and Glaser’s dedicated distribution make for a winning, unique combination for success.

    For further information regarding Glaser and Hilti’s partnership, and to find out what it can offer your next project, please contact us today.

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