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Thanks to our wide range of strong and versatile fasteners, Glaser & Associates has been a trusted supplier for a variety of industries for more than 50 years, since our founding in 1964. During that time, we have been the first choice in both standard and customized fasteners for companies in the energy industry, notably in the oil and gas sector.

Fossil fuel companies tend to find themselves operating in extreme environments. Offshore drilling platforms, for example, are subjected to storms, humid air, and corrosive salt water. They are also commonly found in places such as the Arctic, with extremely low temperatures. Conversely, fossil fuel drilling operations on land are often found in hot, arid deserts.

No company’s fasteners are more suited to perform in the harsh and variable environments dictated by oil drilling than Glaser’s. Only the highest quality materials available go into our fasteners, all of which have a variety of industry standard certifications. We also offer several plating and finishing options for our fasteners. These factors combined make Glaser fasteners the strongest, most corrosion resistant, and longest-lived fasteners available.

In addition to their high corrosion resistance, our world standard fasteners also have high ratings in pressure resistance and large high/low temperature operational range. But fasteners are not the only thing Glaser offers. We also offer a number of high value services.

Aside from our wide range of existing fasteners, we can manufacture customized ones for virtually any use. Glaser trusted staff will work with your engineers to design a fastener to meet your precise requirements. Over the years, we have also developed a large base of information regarding the fossil fuel industry which we put to use for you in a number of different on-site services.

Recent Glaser clients in the fossil fuel industry include BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell. Glaser fasteners can be found in all aspects of the operations of these companies, from shale deposits to the gas pump.

For more information about Glaser and the fossil fuel industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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