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    For over 50 years, since being founded in 1964, Glaser & Associates has been the most trusted supplier of fasteners to various industries. This includes industries with high intensity processes, such as the petrochemical industry.

    While oil drilling and other sectors of the energy industry face certain challenges, notably the challenge of extreme environments, the petrochemical industry faces its own set of challenges. Extremely high temperatures, complex gas and liquid containment infrastructures, and a wide variety of caustic and corrosive fluids are all commonplace in the petrochemical industry.

    Petrochemical producers, such as Glaser client Dow Chemical, need to know that the literal foundations of their business are sound. With so many things to be concerned about, the structural integrity of hardware integral to business cannot be one of them. That’s why so many petrochemical companies turn to Glaser.

    Glaser has proven time and time again that our bolts and fasteners are second to none. A strict quality assurance regime is applied to all of our products beginning at the source — we use only the highest quality materials available to us. Our fasteners, which are sourced under ISO 9001, TS16949, and other industry certifications, can be treated with a number of different finishing treatments, are highly resistance to heat, corrosion, and vibration.

    Even when our standard fasteners are not exactly what you need, Glaser is still the right supplier for you. We offer a comprehensive customization process — our engineers can collaborate with yours to design unique bolts and fasteners to meet even the most precise and demanding specifications.

    For more information about Glaser and the petrochemical industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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