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    As it becomes increasingly clear that the earth’s reservoirs of fossil fuels like crude oil and coal will eventually run dry, the natural gas industry becomes increasingly important.

    Though younger than the oil industry, the natural gas industry as grown rapidly in recent years. The two industries also share many characteristics, such as high stress and high temperature work environments. Though natural gas bearing shale deposits tend to occur in more hospitable environments than crude oil bearing shale, the extraction process for natural gas is every bit as volatile.

    The growth of the natural gas industry and the intensity of its process demand sturdy, reliable, and high-performance hardware, which is why so many natural gas companies turn to Glaser & Associates. We have been supplying companies in various sectors of the fossil fuel industry with world-class bolts and fasteners for more than 50 years, since our founding in 1964. 

    Glaser prioritizes quality in all steps of our manufacturing process. We use only the best available raw materials in our products, and every nut and bolt is subjected to stringent quality assurance checkpoints.

    Our strict quality guidelines ensure that our fasteners are highly resistant to the corrosion, heat, pressure, and vibrations of the natural gas extraction process. We also offer a range of finishing and plating treatment, further increasing the resistance and performance of our products. We worry about the quality of our fasteners so that you do not have to.

    Our bolts, most which have ISO 9001, TS16949, and other certifications, are highly respected in the natural gas industry for their strength, durability, reliability, and long life. But fasteners are not the only thing that Glaser offers our clients.

    Utilizing our wealth of knowledge about the fossil fuel industry, developed over five decades, Glaser is uniquely situated to offer a number of valuable consultations and additional on-site services. And for those times where our wide range of stock fasteners does not exactly meet your needs, we have a team of knowledgeable staff who will work with you to customize the perfect product.

    For more information about Glaser and the natural gas industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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