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    Though less romanticized than oil exploration, oil refining is as demanding and extreme an industry as its predecessor. Challenges, such as extremity of operating environment and causticity of materials, are the same in each process.

    And as both industries share similar challenges, they share similar solutions. That solution is Glaser & Associates, supplying world class bolts and fasteners to the refinery industry since our founding in 1964, more than 50 years ago. We are the trusted supplier some of the largest oil refining companies in the world, including BP, Chevron, ConnocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell, Tesoro, and Valero.

    Though oil refineries are generally found in more hospitable environments than drilling and exploration operations, the refining process puts structurally essential hardware components in direct contact with extreme heat and caustic and corrosive materials.

    To stand up to the extreme production environment necessary for crude oil refinement, companies need a hardware supplier that they can count on. With huge profits and worker lives at risk, only the highest quality fasteners can be used. Accidents are unacceptable, and that’s why so many oil refineries turn to Glaser.

    Glaser bolts and fasteners are among the best, most reliable fasteners available today. Our commitment to quality starts at the source — we only use raw materials that meet our stringent quality and purity guidelines. This commitment is carried over to our production processes, during which every bolt and fastener is subjected to a host of strict quality assurance checks.

    If your oil refinery is going to produce results safely and efficiently, your hardware needs to produce results. That’s why Glaser takes steps to ensure that the majority of our fasteners meet or exceed many industry standard certifications, including ISO 9001 and TS16949 certifications. Our hardware is highly rated for operation in extreme temperatures, under high vibration, and under high pressure, exactly the conditions found in an oil refinery.

    Our commitment to the quality of our products keeps oil refineries across the globe in production. From anchor bolts in the foundations of the structures to heat treated stud bolts connecting the miles upon miles of pipes, Glaser’s mark can be found on all aspects of the oil refinery industry.

    For more information about Glaser and the oil refinery industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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