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Glaser & Associates got our start over 50 years ago, when we were founded in 1964, primarily as a supplier of fasteners for sectors of the fossil fuel industry. Over time, however, as our expertise grew, we began to expand into industries ancillary to fossil fuel.

One of the important ancillary industries for which we found ourselves supplying products over the course of five decades is the transportation industry. The transportation industry is both inextricably linked with the fossil fuel industry — raw materials must be shipped, often to different parts of the globe — and shares many of the same challenges as the fossil fuel sectors. This made the transition both logical and easy for us.

When many people hear “fossil fuels,” the first thing they think of is an iconic offshore oil drilling platform. You’re not likely to find a train in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, but boats and ships spend their entire lifetimes in the same humidity and corrosive salt water as drilling platforms do. Glaser uses our knowledge of crafting highly corrosion resistant hardware for oil drilling platforms and applies it to a variety of applications in the marine industry.

From takeoff to cruising altitude, airplanes experience large fluctuations in temperature and cannot afford to have hardware that doesn’t perform equally well in each scenario. Glaser took our manufacturing and plating techniques designed for oil drilling operations — often found in a wide range of climates — and applied them to supplying bolting materials with excellent high/low temperature ratings specifically for the aeronautical industry.

The rail transportation industry involves all of these concerns. Trains and rails face constant exposure to the elements of every climate across the globe, from the Great Basin Desert of the US to the frozen tundra of Siberia. This necessitates excellent high/low temperature ratings and corrosion resistance. Also important are excellent resistance to pressure and vibration, so that Glaser's bolts continue to function under the stress caused by passing trains.

Whether it is by rail, sea, or air, Glaser plays a major role in the safety and efficiency of transportation.

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