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    Since our founding in 1964, Glaser & Associates has been supplying a variety of industries with superior quality fasteners and bolts. Our first clients were in the fossil fuel industries but, in the 50+ years since, or clientele has grown to include companies operating in a number of varied industries.

    One of those industries is transportation. This was a natural progression for Glaser, as many sectors of the transportation industry are ancillary to the fossil fuel industry we already served. Transportation industry companies also needed bolts and fasteners to meet the same types of challenges experienced by the fossil fuel industries, such as temperature extremes, high pressure, high vibration, and corrosion.

    Even the air transportation industry, which Glaser is proud to serve, faces challenges similar to an oil drilling rig. This seems strange, as these two industries are worlds apart — the fossil fuel industry reaches below the surface of the earth, while the air transportation operates many miles above the surface.

    Still, it is true — Glaser was easily able to take their knowledge of fasteners designed for the extremes of the fossil fuel industry and adapt them into a source for air transportation industry specific fasteners. A good example of a challenge that both the fossil fuel and air transportation industries face is that of pressure fluctuations.

    When a drilling platform strikes oil, it surges from the ground at tremendous pressure. Oil exploration companies rely on high quality Glaser bolts, among the strongest and most pressure resistant available, to help contain that pressure.

    Similarly, airplanes and the like experience extreme variations in atmospheric pressure between takeoff and at cruising altitude. Without very strong, highly pressure resistant fasteners, airplanes take the great risk of sudden material failure and depressurization which can damage goods and harm or sicken passengers and flight crews. Fasteners that maintain their integrity at various pressures, as Glaser fasteners do, are of the utmost importance.

    The temperature at cruising altitude can be anywhere from 30 to 80 degrees colder than at the surface, not to mention temperature variations at different destinations. Subjected to constant and extreme temperature, lesser fasteners can weaken, crack, and break. But Glaser bolts and fasteners, thanks to their excellent high/low temperature rating, continue to perform flawlessly year in and year out.

    For more information on Glaser and specific aerospace fasteners, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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