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    Founded more than 50 years ago, Glaser & Associates began as a supplier of bolts and fasteners mostly for the fossil fuel industries. A lot has changed since 1964, and we now supply world class fasteners to the fossil fuel industries, and many others as well.

    One of those industries that Glaser proudly serves is the light rail industry, which includes non-freight railroad transportation such as commuter trains, subways, and street cars. Our involvement in the light rail industry came about from our involvement in the freight railroad industry, which itself came about from our involvement in the fossil fuels industry.

    Though very different from the freight railroad industry, and even more different from the fossil fuel industries, the light rail industry actually shares many of the challenges faced by them. That is part of the reason Glaser’s specially designed light rail industry specific fasteners, like the Lindapter Steel Connections, perform so exceptionally in the field.

    Light rail tracks and trains are constantly exposed to the elements, like freight railroads and oil drilling platforms. Even underground subways are exposed to storm water runoff, minerals leeching from the soil, and abrasive fluids from litter, garbage, and pollution. Glaser fasteners — many ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified — are highly corrosion resistant and perform well very well in conditions that would degrade lesser products.

    Bolts and fasteners used by the light rail industry must also be very strong, with high resistance to vibration and pressure, which can easily break poor quality products. Glaser ensures that our fasteners are among the strongest available, beginning with smart bolt design, smarter manufacturing processes, and a commitment to using only the finest raw materials. The strength of Glaser bolts, even under hundreds of tons of pressure daily, is unparalleled.

    The light rail industry is a major mover of the American people and America itself. Glaser helps keep it running smoothly.

    For more information on Glaser and the light rail industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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