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    In order to supply the fossil fuels industries with high quality bolts and fasteners, William Glaser Jr. founded Glaser & Associates in 1964. Between then and now, over the course of 50+ years, Glaser has expanded our expertise and the list of industries we serve.

    Glaser began expanding the breadth of our fastener offerings when we began supplying freight railroad companies, an industry ancillary to the fossil fuels industry. From there, we have grown to supply other transportation industry sectors with world class fasteners, including the marine industry.

    While the word “marine” may conjure images of serene coral reefs and sandy beaches for most people, the truth is that the marine transportation industry operates in some of the harshest, most inhospitable conditions imaginable. To meet these high demands, Glaser sources a specialty line of marine industry specific bolts and fasteners, using our knowledge of the extreme conditions of the fossil fuel industries.

    Our commitment to quality starts at the source — only the purest, highest quality raw materials are used in Glaser fasteners. Bolts made with high quality materials are high quality bolts. Further, our marine industry bolts are designed explicitly for use in challenging conditions — Glaser engineers optimized marine industry specific fastener designs in order to increase strength and versatility. 

    We also offer a range of specialty plating and finishing treatments. We used these treatments, selecting the ones best suited for even your most specific requirements, to further increase the corrosion resistance of our already highly corrosion resistant fasteners. This is more important than ever for the marine industry, where all components of a ship are constantly subjected to humid atmosphere and corrosive salt water.

    Many of Glaser’s ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified bolts are not only corrosion resistant, but they are extremely resistant to pressure and vibrations as well. If you’ve ever been on a boat or ship, you know just how much vibration their engines can generate. Marine transport companies must be able to trust their fastener suppliers — it only takes one broken U-Bolt to strand a ship at sea — which is why so many choose Glaser.

    The marine industry trusts Glaser bolts and fasteners, more than any others, to help them operate in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

    For more information on Glaser and the marine transportation industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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