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    William Glaser Jr. founded Glaser & Associates in 1964 in order to provide the oil and gas industries with high quality bolts and fasteners. Over the course of 50+ years, however, the industries we served grew as our expertise did.

    One of the first ancillary industries Glaser began supplying commodity and specially designed fasteners for is the freight railroad industry. Industrial freight railroads were, and continue to be, integral to the fossil fuels industry.

    Not only are railroads the primary transportation method for both crude and refined oil, but they share many of the same challenges as the fossil fuel industry. Trains and railroads operate in widely differing climatic environments, just like oil exploration operations.

    Rails and trains are exposed to the elements, so corrosion is a constant concern, and the pressure and vibrations caused by the passing of freight locomotives that weigh multiple hundreds of pounds are not dissimilar to those caused by oil drilling or the refinement process. The similarities between challenges faced by the fossil fuel and transportation industries made Glaser’s transition a natural one.

    Glaser uses the expertise we developed meeting these challenges for the oil and gas industries and apply it to creating solutions for the railroad industry. That process begins with sourcing design — Glaser’s relationships with specific manufacturer’s assisted the design engineers find railroad specific bolts and fasteners for designs that had already proven effective in the heat, cold, corrosive environments, and vibrations of oil drilling and refinery.

    High quality products come from high quality raw materials. This is why Glaser carefully sources only the purest materials for use in our fasteners. During production, we subject all products to a range of strict quality assurance guidelines, ensuring that Glaser bolts and fasteners meet even the highest performance standards.

    Our commitment to quality materials and quality manufacturing processes leads to word class fasteners — all of which carry ISO 9001, TS16949, and other industry certifications — that are naturally extremely strong and resistant to breaking, pressure, vibration, and extreme hot and cold. We also specialize in a number of plating and finishing options.

    While railroads are the backbone of American industry, Glaser is the backbone of the American railroad.

    For more information on Glaser and the freight railroad industry, contact Glaser & Associates today.

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