Glaser and Associates manufactures and distributes a wide range of high-performance bolts and nuts for use in different industrial applications.  The bolts and nuts are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with the standards and specifications set by organizations such as ASTM and SAE.

Our bolts and nuts meet the following standards (but not limited to):

  • ASTM A307 (Grade A & B)
  • ASTM A563
  • SAE J429 (Grades 2, 5 & 8)
  • ASTM F1554 (Grades 36, 55 & 105)
  • ASTM A193-A194 (All Grades)
  • Alloy 20 (Carpenter® 20)
  • ASTM A276 (300 & 400 Series SS)
  • Alloy C276 (Hastelloy® C276)
  • ASTM A325

Note: New specification ASTM F3125-15 adopted in January 2015 consolidates the six existing structural bolt standards into one. ASTM(s) A325, A325M, A490, A490M, F1852 & F2280 will further be referred to as ASTM F3125.

You can find information on the scope of each standard, the grades and sizes available within each standard, a description of typical applications and details of mechanical properties and chemical composition.

This information will help you to select the right product for your application. However, if you need more detailed information, or a product to meet specific engineering requirements, please contact our technical department for expert advice.

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